Electric folding bike

The advantages of electric folding bike


Small size and light weight

The obvious and biggest advantage is that the bike is foldable, so it can be put away in a very space-saving way. Most models can easily fit in the trunk of a car. The lighter weight is also an important factor when buying a folding bike.Fold it up quickly and easily to carry it around on the train or bus. Fold it up immediately after getting off and ride to your destination with ease. By omitting unnecessary accessories and economically using less bike frame material, folding bikes can be built in a weight-optimized manner. Typical weight specifications are in the range of 10 to 20 kg.



We spend a lot of time in traffic jams and are annoyed by the lack of parking spaces in the city every day. Regular bikes don’t help because carrying them around is impractical and too expensive on public transportation. A flexible small bike with a foldable frame and light weight can take you out of this dead end. Folding bikes don’t require much storage space, so they can easily be stored in the trunk of a small car or in an office. The comfort of a small folding bike can be turned into a convenient lightweight package in minutes, making it a great tool for getting to work.Compact but powerful folding e-bike with only high-quality components, perfect for last-mile transportation.



These electric folding bikes are easy to drive and are equipped differently depending on the model. The great advantages of electric folding bikes are clearly demonstrated in many folding bike tests, and with the help of the powerful electric drive, a little extra power is easily available for comfortable and sweat-free climbing.They are light, stable and move almost like a normal bike, because thanks to the good gearing ratio you can get amazing results despite the small wheel speed.It is easy to drive even without motor support.



Whether you are young or old, riding an electric folding bike makes it easy to go shopping, work or vacation and ride through the mountains . Cycling keeps you healthy and fun.Folding electric bikes give you the opportunity to burn calories while enjoying the great outdoors and the beauty of nature. When you’re tired, you can quickly turn on the electric power assist system and enjoy the ride home.


Folding electric Bikes Buying Guide


Size and Weight

Since you fold, lift and move e-bikes on a daily basis, the size and weight of your e-bike should be your first concern. In addition to absorbing vibrations effectively, aluminum bikes are more durable because they are easier to maintain. The height of the handlebars and saddle should ideally be adjustable to take up as little space as possible.



For short distances and commuters, the lightest motor and a bike that is comfortable to carry are ideal. When carrying a folding bike, the position of the battery in the motor in particular affects the comfort of the bike. An e-bike with an intermediate motor is usually more comfortable to carry than a folding e-bike with a front motor, because the intermediate motor weighs less and is located in the middle. Front-mounted motors are usually cheaper and particularly compact. Rear-mounted motors ensure a dynamic driving experience and are therefore very popular with sporty cyclists. Rear-wheel drive is also suitable for low mountain areas. However, in general, the better option is still the mid-mounted motor, which of course comes at a higher price.



Battery capacity determines how long you can ride and the maximum mileage. The higher the battery capacity, the longer the ride time and distance. For short distances up to 20 km, you can use the smallest battery available. For shorter trips, 250-300W is more than sufficient. These batteries contain fewer battery cells and are therefore lighter in weight.



If you travel to work in the city or on flat roads, there are no special requirements for a folding e-bike. If you are frequently going up and down hills, you will need to choose a bike with larger wheels, for example with 20 inch size wheels. If you are going off-road outdoors, then you will need to choose a folding e-bike with fat tires or full suspension.

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