Electric fat tire bike

Benefits of electric fat bikes


Good driving fun

Electric fat bikes are the perfect combination of fun, power and efficiency. They’re great at giving you the extra torque you need to climb steep embankments or cut through deep snow and sand. Similar to fat bikes, the additional feature of the motor improves accessibility to hard-to-reach terrain. It allows you to travel over different terrains and thanks to the large battery, you can travel longer. As a result, you can move over different terrains and cover longer distances thanks to the battery. The Fatty e-bike is more off-road than a mountain bike and therefore offers a higher level of fun.When you’re sitting on it, it looks like you’re driving a monster truck that can effortlessly jump over multiple cars.A daily jungle adventure in the big city will be a comfortable ride through cracks, construction sites, curbs and other common road obstacles, but no obstacle is big enough for the chubby 4-inch wheels.



High ride comfort

These bikes tend to be great for snow and sand riding: much better than traditional mountain or gravel bikes. The ride is also smoother thanks to the fat tires. They go over rocks and tree roots easily. And, they stay on soft surfaces instead of cutting into them. If you ride on many different surfaces, an electric fat bike will easily handle any one of them. You can enhance their grip by reducing tire pressure. When the tires are softer, the contact area with the ground becomes larger, which makes the bike more stable. Even on ice, or asphalt, there is no problem riding a fat electric bike.


Better protection against punctures

Wide and sturdy tires made of rubber provide the grip needed for different terrains. Fat tires that offer thick tread rubber are usually more durable, which means they are also less susceptible to punctures and flat tires.


When buying an electric fat bike, you need to consider some points.


Men’s and women’s models are different, so you need to choose the right one for you.

Make sure it has a powerful motor and an easy and short battery charge.

Make sure the bike is equipped with high quality rims or disc brakes.

Before buying it, you need to think about the trips you need the bike for, such as city, country, mountain, etc.

Some models are heavy, which may limit handling flexibility.

Be sure to check current customer reviews before you buy.


The size of the bike should fit your body size. Fat bikes with 24-inch wheels are recommended for smaller people up to 1.65 meters tall. For children less than 1.45 meters, you should use a fat bike with 20-inch wheels. On the other hand, if you are 1.65 meters or taller, you must consider buying a fat bike with 26-inch wheels.


Unlike classic or beach cruiser fat bikes, full fat bikes are designed to have suspension in both the front and rear areas. Some other models are equipped with shock forks only at the front of the bike. The advantage is increased comfort, especially on more extreme trails. Disadvantages are increased total weight and higher maintenance costs.


Depending on the nature of the fat bike’s axle, different rim sizes are also available. The standard size is between 60 and 80 mm, but rims of 100 mm are also available. Again, the wider the rim and the wider the tire, the better the traction when driving.

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