Electric bike conversion Kit

Is an e-bike conversion kit worth it?


Disadvantages of e-bike conversion kits

E-bike conversion kits cost a few hundred US dollars. Furthermore, e-bikes are becoming cheaper and cheaper. The price difference between a retrofitted e-bike and a finished e-bike continues to narrow. What is more,if you don’t convert well, you can have an uncomfortable ride and even a less safe ride.


Advantages of e-bike conversion kits

If you are an e-bike enthusiast with the necessary skill and want to do the job yourself, then it is worth going for an e-bike conversion. You can get the electric bike you want and bring a sense of success. Another advantage of the conversion kit is that it can be removed again. You can start converting at any time.


What should you be concerned about before buying a conversion kit?


Before you buy an e-bike conversion kit, you need to be aware of all the following important facts.

1.The future e-bike must be technically flawless and stable. If in doubt, consult a professional engineer or the seller.

2.If possible, your own bike should already be equipped with disc brakes.

3.The battery capacity should be as high as possible. 250 W is the minimum value.

4.Take note of the necessary tyre size (not related to the mid-engine).

5.Make sure you have all the parts you need. This is because some kits do not include a battery.

6.You should have some technical understanding.

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