Electric city bike

What are the advantages of urban e-bikes?


Perfect for urban and commuter zones

City bikes are perfectly suited to the needs of cyclists who commute to work or shop in town or country and like to leave their cars behind. In addition, there is no longer the need for the annoying search for parking spaces and high parking fees. Since there are no public buses, electric-assisted bicycles are often used. With its powerful support motor and stable luggage rack, the electric city bike is perfect for everyone who is out shopping or on a business trip in the city or suburbs.


Riding comfort

Their design allows the rider to stand upright instead of bending forward like a road bike. In contrast to other electric bikes, they are not designed for speed, but for comfort and a comfortable ride. You can ride with them at speeds of up to 25 km/h, but you can also use your muscle power to reach higher speeds if needed. Larger distances and hills that would be too strenuous for a normal bike can be easily covered.


Saving time

In everyday life, urban e-bikes have the advantage of being efficient and comfortable on asphalt and cobblestones. The electric motor is so powerful that you won’t sweat reaching the office, even on warm days. You can also hit the snooze button on your alarm clock again in the morning and turn around in peace: with the City Electric Bike you can save a lot of time on your way to work. Traffic jams and the like are a thing of the past here. Thanks to the long range of the electric motor, you can even use your city e-bike if you need to work long distances or go to the supermarket.


Which City eBike Should I Buy?



City e-bikes are available in different sizes and configurations. Depending on the size of the rider, you will often find 26 or 28 inch tyres on city bikes. However, the increasingly popular 27.5 inch model is also increasingly being fitted to city e-bikes. The frame is usually made of aluminium as it offers a good compromise between weight and price. City e-bikes can also be supplied with suspension that can absorb bumps. In any case, an upright seating position reduces the burden of your arms on the handlebars. A shock fork is therefore not a must, but a pleasant extra.




The frame of an urban e-bike should first and foremost provide you with comfort, control and overview. All this is combined in a largely upright seating position where you can easily reach the handlebars with your arms slightly bent. On the other hand, an urban e-bike with a diamond frame relies on a slightly sportier attitude. This bent position makes you more athletic and streamlined, but you lose some comfort due to the increased pressure on your arms.As most city bikes do not have rear suspension, a sprung seat post or well sprung saddle is worthwhile. Most of the bumps in the city are swallowed up and the ride is still tolerable, even in bad road conditions. You should also be able to attach a bag or bike basket to your city e-bike. As the urban e-bike is mainly used for everyday activities, you will often be transporting documents, shopping, gifts or backpacks and handbags. Therefore, having enough space on the pre-assembled carrier and luggage rack is a big advantage.




Your battery does not need to be of a particularly high capacity. However, if you plan to use your urban e-bike to travel to the surrounding area, the battery should already be able to provide 500 watt-hours of power. The battery can be integrated into the frame. Alternatively, you can place the battery in a down tube or on a luggage rack. There, you can easily remove them for loading. Please note that the position of the battery affects the centre of gravity of the bike. The integrated battery and batteries on the downtube provide better weight distribution, which is what makes city bikes more comfortable to ride.



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